Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 27, 2008 40 Tomatoes on the Plants!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. You'll have to can some, I bet. Quite exciting.

rtalcott said...'s getting exciting...50+ on the plants! But, one has a case of end rot!

I sure hope they start turning red soon! nothing like a fresh tomato!


Anonymous said...

OK for blossom end rot, you need to even out the watering - that always happens with container grown tomatoes - - - it's either a calcium deficiency in the soil or uneven watering -

rtalcott said...

Just came back from seeing the "kids" (the tomatoes). Well...I've fertilized with MiracleGro Tomato fertilizer (every 3 weeks) and have been dumping crushed egg shells on the soil. We tend to water every 3 days...fairly regular...and try not to over water...the pots have good drainage...2+ inches of stones in the bottom and the water does run is one tomato out of about 55-60 that has the end rot...hope we don't see more! Obviously something isn't right...this is my experimental year...gotta learn enough for next year and maybe I'll use even larger pots. Any and all advice is appreciated!

Thank You!