Thursday, April 21, 2016

Somehow I accumulated 3 cell phones...a Nexus 4, 5 & 6...figured I'd never need another...if one fails I have two more...not so...within 2 weeks the charging port on the 5 failed and then the display on the 4 started to pop off as did the fair bit of force required to push it back and it would not stay in place...the only thing I could think of was the battery was failing and expanding...bought a replacement assembly for the 5...that was an easy replacement...popped open the 4 and the battery was "inflated"...should be a flat rectangle maybe an eighth of an inch was not...did not know the Nexus 4 had a replaceable battery...looks like it and the 5 I need to find one. And...repairs are easy.


PerfectMindStorm said...

Better off with a flip phone haha :-)

Richard Talcott said...

Unfortunately I can't go back to the Stone Age Flip Phone! Hey...the upside is it forced me to buy a nice little toolkit to open these things up AND I learned that I can replace the battery....I thought I had read that battery replacement was not easily possible on these is today's success...I need to order a battery for the Nexus 4...$10 from ebay and probably $100 if I took the phone to someone to repair.